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Artist Rachel Hovnanian, represented by Imago
Galleries, is featured in Architectural Digest

Rachel Lee Hovnanian's work Dinner for Two (2012-2013), was recently acquired by 21c Museum Hotel in Cincinnati and made its museum debut in Dis-semblance: Projecting and Perceiving Identity, an exhibition featuring works by internationally acclaimed artists including Kehinde Wiley and Sam Taylor-Wood. According to the museum's chief curator and director of art programming, Alice Gray Stiles, "Dis-semblance investigates the cultural, social, and environmental issues currently shaping personal identity."

Hovnanian's work references classic literature and the divide that modern technology has created in relationships, both with ourselves and others. An elegant dinner table is set for two, their faces appearing on screens above the chairs. The man and woman do not speak, and the only sounds heard are recordings of technology. It is not clear whether the couple is communicating with one another via technology or with others.